Monday, February 06, 2012

Holy Crap, Batman! Someone's stolen January!

I seem to have blinked and missed the whole of January.

I'm not sure quite how that happened.

I don't even have an excuse.

I do have a plan though to get back on track.

I had a great long catch-up post written (but no photos to go in it because everytime I was home it was dark). I'm going to abandon that and just do a little series of quick updates.

So, what exactly have I been doing?

I've read a couple of books. Jamrach's Menagerie by Carol Birch. This was shortlisted for the Booker but that notwithstanding I enjoyed it anyway. Also Storm Front by Jim Butcher. I've not met Harry Dresden before and I did enjoy this. Next up is a pile of proofs that started small and seems to be growing by the day so I ought to get started on them really before the pile gets any bigger.

I knitted some stuff. Some fingerless mitts for the Evilpixie because she's off to New York for a few days in a couple of weeks and I didn't want her to get cold hands. They have no thumbs yet, so technically they're not finished but I think thumbs are vastly overrated anyway. Also a cardigan for myself. It's an Ysolda Teague pattern in yarn I dyed myself. It's taken way too long to knit as I had to do the sleeves twice before they were right. I am now in that dangerous place between knits where anything could happen. There are so many projects in my Ravelry queue but none is quite right. I need something new.

Photos will follow for all these things but as usual it's still dark and it will be dark again when I get home so it might be next week before the photos get taken. Just warning you all.

Back soon with more quick updates.