Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

It's been a pretty good day. The weather has finally changed from wet and windy and it's gloriously bright and sunny, if a little cold.

So we took Bubba for his favourite walk. Of course because I am an idiot I forgot to take the camera so there are no photos, so you'll have to imagine it. Sutton Park in January - it's muddy, there are lots and lots of dogs (of all shapes and sizes), lots of walkers, joggers, bikers etc. There's swimming after sticks (for Bubba, not us), and then more mud on the way back. Retriever heaven. I promise I'll take the camera next time.

I have photos of other stuff though - I even have photos of handspun yarn - made by my own hand - but you have to promise not to laugh, as this is my very first attempt. Actually I saw some very similar looking yarn in my LYS this morning - the difference being that their's was supposed to look like that and mine - well, it just came out like this -

This is the first attempt - some spun on the wheel and some with the drop spindle, and plied (very badly) on the wheel. I love the colour but I'm not sure how it will knit. There's about 17 yards of it. It's a mix of blue and green merino.

Then there is this -

This was my next attempt - mostly spun on the spindle and also plied with the spindle (as I am having some technical issues with the wheel). There's about 25 yards of this one which is mostly the greener stuff and less blue. It's more what I was aiming for but there's obviously still a long way to go!

The rest of the day has been reserved for knitting (with no doubt a little TV watching in there somewhere).

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