Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Look What I Made...

I have been spinning every day that I haven't been at work this week and I can feel the difference. This is what I produced today -

It's Corriedale and I bought the roving on eBay. I feel very proud of it but I'm not sure what I shall do with it afterwards - I shall have to dye it as cream is so not a colour you can wear in my life.

The knitting continues on Pete's neck down chunky cardigan.

The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple and I bought it from Get Knitted. I'm hoping to find an auction in excuse to go to Bristol soon so I can visit their new shop.

Talking of Yarn Stores (we were weren't we?), if the weather is OK tomorrow we'll be going to Leamington for the day. Leamington is home to a good auction house, several fine charity shops, a Starbucks....and Web of Wool.

This makes it great place for a day out - quick view of the auction, bit of book browsing, bit of yarn browsing, cup of coffee. Mmmmmmmmm.

I've given up on Mortal Mischief by Frank Tallis - too slow moving for my tastes I'm afraid - and I've started The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin. I was a bit wary of this one as I thought the last Rebus wasn't the best in the series, but this one is shaping up to be a cracker. I can't wait to get to the bit where Rebus meets George Bush.

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