Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I've been busy...

..knitting swatches -

And starting new projects. There's this one -

Which is a neck-down zip up cardigan for Pete in olive green chunky pure wool.

And this one -

Which is a zip-up hoody for me from the Knit Cafe book. It's a silvery blue in pure wool, though I know it looks a dingy grey in the photo.

And I got some lovely roving in the post -

I'm really looking forward to working with this as the colours are so yummy. I've identified that there is a problem with my spinning wheel (so all the anguish was not just caused by me being rubbish at spinning). Hopefully the fault can be fixed without too much effort / expense.
Anyway there is no time for spinning at the moment as we have been to 2 book auctions in 2 days and the living room is overflowing with boxes of books that need to be sorted and listed asap as it's getting difficult to move or see the telly!

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maxine said...

Oh, I am just lost in admiration for it all! Colours, swatches, the lot.