Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spinning is relaxing.... really is. I'm not sure that a couple of weeks ago I would have agreed with this, though people kept telling me. But today for the very first time I found it relaxing.

I have spun almost a full bobbin of the Corriedale - and I enjoyed doing it. I am so pleased with myself. There are no photos yet as it is too dark now but it does look remarkably similar to the half-bobbin featured earlier in the week.

I have also plied all the remaining singles of the blue / green merino and it is hanging over the bath, setting the twist as we speak. I'm still trying to decide what this is destined to be. I can't decide if there is enough for a short lacy scarf, or if I should knit some handwarmers with it. I might try a little swatch later and see if I get inspired.

I am progressing with Pete's neck down cardigan. He's tried it on (as far as it goes) and it fits. I've started one sleeve and shall finish both of them before continuing with the body which has about 6-8 inches to go, as I'm a bit concerned about whether or not I have enough wool. The beauty of the neck down thing of course is that once I've done the sleeves I can just carry on down the body until it's long enough or I run out of wool!

It's knitted from some pure wool that I bought on eBay and it has a bit of oiliness to it, which makes it quite a harsh knit, especially as I'm having to knit it on 4mm needles to get the gauge I wanted. It makes your fingers a bit greasy, and I think it's this wool that is causing a slight rash on my wrist. I hope Pete appreciates the hardship I am going through to knit this! Anyway the good news is that once washed (and I washed the swatch to check) this wool changes character (and colour) and becomes lovely and soft and fluffy. I just wish I had skeined it up and washed it before knitting it. I have another pack of it in a deep chocolatey brown and I shall definitely wash that before I knit it.

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