Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sometimes the UK is not so bad

England can be a frustrating place to live - it's too crowded, it's expensive, it's cold, I could go on (and on), but now and again you read something that reminds you that England's still better than some places.

Take Romania for example. They have a new Highway Code coming into effect soon which bans cycling in Bucharest except in cycle lanes. From December cyclists in Bucharest can only use the cycle lanes or they will be fined. Great idea, I hear you all saying - the traffic in Bucharest is terrible, much better to keep the cyclists out of the traffic. There's just one small problem - Bucharest only has one cycle lane and it's less than 1km long. I guess it's going to be very busy!


Maxine said...

Having had the double whammy this morning of train derailed at Waterloo (so train late and standing room only), followed by earlier points failure in the kings cross area holding up my connection, ditto standing room only, and neither situation storted out by the time I left for home in the evening, your post definitely made me smile!

Euro Crime said...

I'll raise you a suicide at Birmingham New Street followed by signalling problems last night (26th) :-). Tempted to unfold my bike and cycle the last 7 miles home, probably would have been quicker!