Sunday, October 29, 2006

One busy day and one quiet one

Yesterday was very much a knitting day. I went to the S&B at the Central Library, where Kath volunteered to teach me to spin. I'm not sure she knows what she's let herself in for. Anyway I've bought a couple of books about it from eBay so I shall read them and have a play about with my wheel before I take her up on her kind offer.

Then I went to the Knitwits meeting at Perry Common Library where we had some new faces, all very nice (but then knitters always are). So a lot of knitting was done yesterday but not a lot else.

Today has been a quieter day, sitting reading and doing laundry and other such pursuits. I am feeling virtuous and domestic as there is vegetable soup bubbling away on the stove and a chicken roasting in the oven. No knitting has been done today, but I shall probably do a few rows later if there's anything on the TV.

Bubba was attacked by another dog this morning while out for his walk. He seems to be Ok but he was very shaken. I do wish people who can't control their dogs wouldn't let them loose in public places. It's not the first time this has happened to him - but then he's not very good at standing up for himself. He's just a big wuss really.

I have finished Snow Blind by PJ Tracy. I enjoyed it very much and although I had worked out the plot well before the end, I didn't mind. I like the relationship between the detectives and I hope we see more of Sheriff Iris Rikker in subsequent books. I thought she was a great character. I liked the fact that the case threw up several moral dilemmas and that everything was not cut and dried at the end. I hate books where all the little loose ends are neatly disposed of, much preferring a few nagging doubts at the end. After all in real life how often does everything wrap up neatly.

I've just started Pegasus Descending by James Lee Burke. He's been a favourite of mine for a long time, mainly because the writing is such high quality. I'm only a few pages in but reading his books is such a pleasure, his prose needs to be savoured, slowly.

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hi pat
i'm back from sunny bridlington!
should be at the central libaray on sat