Tuesday, October 17, 2006

History Matters

Today the History Matters website are asking people to take part in the Biggest Blog in History.

They want everyone to blog on their site about their day so that they have a snapshot of our lives on this one day that they can use for research in the future. They are accepting entries up to the end of the month so why not get over there and leave some knitting blogs for posterity!

In knitting news - I am almost finished the dog-walking socks for Pete. Just the toe shaping to do which I will finish during CSI Miami tonight. You know I didn't particularly like this series until recently, much preferring the original Las Vegas one, but David Caruso is beginning to grow on me as Horatio Caine in this series. I always liked him in NYPD Blue but thought him a bit stiff in the early series of CSI. Now, if only the plots were a little more believable!

Writing news - yes, finally, there is writing news. Last night I finished the first, very rough, draft of a short story which will be my entry for my local writing group's annual competition. This is for a 1500 word story on the subject of "Taking a Chance." I've spent ages mulling over this and trying to come up with an original story and finally think I may have cracked it. Can't discuss too much yet but I'll let you know how it's going.

Sorry there are no photos today - Blogger says "NO!"

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