Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Juno is finished!

Well almost. It dosn't have any buttons yet but the stitching up is complete. I just can't decide which buttons I want. I think maybe something subtly Celtic to go with the cabling on the coller. I just can't visualise them yet. So it will have to sit for a while till I think about it. I guess I'll know the right ones when I see them - suggestions welcome!

I hate stitching things up. Maybe that's why I like socks. Once they're finished, they're pretty much ready to wear. I finished sock #1 of the Opal Elemente pair and have started sock #2.

I'm determined to not start anything else until these socks are done, despite the Evilpixie requesting new legwarmers which I have some lovely bright red Jaeger wool just sitting in the stash that will be great for them.

Reading group is tomorrow and I will have to confess my failure with the Peter Tremayne book. I'm getting on much better with the new John Connolly. More about that once I've read a bit more.

I managed to pick up the new James Lee Burke in a charity shop at the weekend - Pesasus Descending. I'm a big fan of Dave Robicheaux so I think this might be the next one on the list, unless there is something very tempting in the selection at reading group this month.

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