Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lots of goodies

We took a little trip to Wing Yip today to stock up on some groceries. For those not familar with Birmingham, Wing Yip is a huge Chinese supermarket selling all manner of asian foods and delights. It has a great restaurant attached to it, though we didn't go and eat there today. It's Sunday and it was lunchtime, so it was absolutely heaving as it is traditional for Chinese familes to go there and eat dim sum for Sunday lunch. We've been before and it was wonderful, but today we just went to the supermarket where you can buy everything from a jar of sweet and sour sauce to a catering pack of frozen shrimp and so much more.

The clientele are a delightful mix of restaurant owners stocking up for the week with trolley after trolley of sacks of rice and noodles and trays of mushrooms, to people just popping in for some fresh asian vegetables, or a jar of thai curry paste.

We are now well stocked up with fish sauce and noodles and curry pastes and soy sauce and everything oriental as you can see -

So we shall be eating well for the next few weeks I think.

I finished the Fred Vargas yesterday, and I do take back what I said about Adamsberg's detecting skills. His methods may be a tad unorthodox but he got there in the end. He's certainly an interesting character. I will definitely read another one (I know I'm reading them out of order).

I started Raven Black by Ann Cleeves next and I'm enjoying it very much. I like the detective Perez and the setting (in Shetland) is intriguing. All good so far.

Not much knitting news - it's all just plain boring stocking stitch on everything I'm knitting at the moment - just a long slow slog to the end. However Pete's cardigan is getting there - nearly finished the second sleeve, then it's just straight down the body till I run out of wool.

I finished the back of the Knit Cafe hoodie and started the left (or maybe the right) front, but again it's just stocking stitch so it's a bit dull - OK if I'm watching TV or reading at the same time.

Last night we watched Goal which I hadn't seen before and it was really good. I'm always a bit wary of football films - they never seem to quite get the footballing bits right, but this one was fine, if a bit Roy of the Rovers. Good harmless fun anyway.

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