Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No

Despite being nervous about my radio appearance, and almost wishing I hadn't volunteered, when the researcher rang me up on Thurday to ask me to do another one, I said I would.

The first radio review seems to have gone OK, at least I don't think I said anything too dumb, or that sounded pretentious. Anyway I said I'd do another one for them, but so far the book hasn't arrived. It will be The Illusion of Return by Samir El-Youseff (if it turns up).

This has given me time to finish reading the Robert Goddard (Never Go Back), which I am reviewing for Eurocrime. I'll post more about it once I've written the review and sent it off.

I have a choice now of 2 books, one of which is for crime reading group, so I'd better start with that one - it's The Fire Baby by Jim Kelly.

I went to an author event at Walsall Library on Friday night. Lyndsey Davis was reading from Saturnalia and talking about how she started writing. It was really interesting, and I got her to sign my copy of The Silver Pigs, which is far and away my favourite of the Falco books. Well done to Walsall Libraries for getting such a great writer to speak there.

Knitting news - I have finished knitting the Neck-down Zip-up cardigan for Pete, and I had JUST enough wool, though I had to unravel my tension swatch to have enough to cast off. I also finished the left front of the Knit Cafe Hoody. No photos yet but I will block them both and put the zip in Pete's cardigan before photographing.

Now I'm going to do some spinning while keeping an eye on the Carling Cup Final.

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