Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'm an Idiot

I'm an idiot. I do not deserve to be counted among you wonderful, talented knitters. I am hanging my head in shame and misery and slinking off into a corner where I will wear a pink acrylic knitted dunces cap.

You see I was happily knitting along on the left front of the Knit Cafe Hoody and following the pattern (or so I thought), and I came to the bit where it said "shape armholes" and I held it up against my arm and said to myself - that's a bit short. So I looked at the measurements on the diagram in the book and it said the sleeves should be 14.5 inches long. And that's when it clicked that I wasn't actually knitting the sleeve - I was knitting the left front. So for the love of wool can you explain to me why I was gaily increasing at both sides of the knitting instead of just at the seam like it should have been? Oh crap, I thought. I've spent 2 days knitting this and I'm going to have to rip it back. It briefly crossed my mind that I could maybe get away with it by careful positioning of the zip, but then......

.....I spotted that when I placed the blinking left front against the back I've already done - the ribbing was different lengths. The rib on the left front was half an inch shorter than on the back. Aaargh.

I have ripped it back to the top of the rib and will try and knit it properly this time, with the right length of rib and the increases on the seam side only, and trying not to confuse the sleeve and the front (don't ask - I have no idea - other than the aforementioned fact that I'm an idiot).

Perhaps by later when I may have a little time for knitting (it's a busy day here today), the knitting gods will have finished toying with me and let me get on with it in peace.

I have fibre goodies to show you but I'm not tempting the wrath of the spinning gods as well so you'll have to wait till the weekend for those.

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Maxine said...

To me, Pat, you are a genius. Just reading your post about something that has not worked, is pure genius. You are the professorship of the knitting world. Take a Wellcome Trust grant of a few million.