Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stay Safe Out There

Something is rotten in the county of Suffolk. The events unfolding in Ipswich are terrible and my heart goes out to those poor girls, their families and friends. For those not in the UK, I should perhaps explain that in the small town of Ipswich, five prostitutes have been murdered in the last month. The population of Ipswich is only about 100,000 and it has maybe 30 or 40 girls working the streets in its small red light district. For five of these girls to be killed in one month is just terrible. The people of Ipswich must be terrified, especially the women. I hope the police catch whoever is doing this quickly, before anyone else is killed. Then I think we need a debate about whether or not prostitution should still be illegal in this country, forcing these women to work in badly-lit streets and dark corners. Take care everyone who is out and about this Christmas.

OK, rant over.

On to knitting now.

Jill asked about the Opal wool for the socks. It's Dreamcatcher in colourway 1237 and I've finished the first one and am progressing with the second.

Pete has worn completely through the lovely 100% wool ribby dog-walking socks I knitted him so I need to get hold of some tougher wool/nylon mix yarn to knit him another pair pronto.

I forgot to tell you last week but Bubba lost 2kgs in the first 2 weeks of his diet so that seems to be working, though he's still not very keen on the kibble - it's the first time ever I've seen him walk away from food.

I finished Echo Park by Michael Connolly, and while I enjoyed it I didn't think it was his best work. The plot didn't really grab me, although I did like the further revelations about Harry Bosch's past interesting. I am now reading a proof of Saturnalia by Lindsay Davis, not due for publication till next year, but I'm reviewing it for Eurocrime. So far, so good, a great romping, hilarious plot in typical Falco style.

I'm working Thursday and Friday and then I have the weekend off so I shall hopefully get to Stitch 'n' Bitch on Saturday.

In the meantime, stay safe, whereever you are.

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