Sunday, December 17, 2006

New Knitting

I finally succumbed to boredom with the socks, and with some other secret knitting I'll tell you about later (in case the recipient should read this), and cast on something new.

I realise this looks like an amorphous mess at the moment but it's going to be this. At least I hope it will be, I'm having a little trouble with the pattern. I'm knitting it in Marble from James C Brett, colourway MT6 which is a lovely combination of pinks and greens. It is acrylic but it feels really soft and knits well, so I'm forgiving it its man-made origins.

The rest of the day has been devoted to housework and other such chores. Any fellow Golden Retriever owners will know only too well the struggle it is to keep dog hair to a minimum, especially when your dog is moulting, like Bubba. As I've been working a lot recently the situation was becoming desperate and the dust puppies of dog hair that tend to collect under the sofa and behind the door were beginning to grow into Great Danes and starting to roam the house in ravening packs. Today order has been restored and the dust puppies have been banished. Already however stray tufts of dog are beginning to lurk on the living room carpet. It's like painting the Forth Rail Bridge - as soon as you get to one end of the house with the hoover, it's time to start over again at the other end. What I think I need is one of those robot hoover thingys that goes around by itself perpetually sucking up dog hair - trouble is it would need emptying about every half hour or so. Mr Dyson, if for some strange reason you should happen to be reading this - I see a gap in the market here - please invent me something to help. I want a self-running hoover that empties itself and doesn't scare the dog to death by sneaking up behind him when he's not paying attention. That's not too much to ask is it???

I guess in theory you could spin yarn out of all this dog hair and make a jumper but if you got caught in the rain you would smell awful!

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