Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Have Pictures.......

It's my last day off before Christmas. And for once there is enough light to take a few photos.

So we have -

Things that came in the post today (both bought on eBay) -

That's the first issue of Yarn Foward (new UK-based knitting magazine) which looks great, a vast improvement on what was available before. And 100g of navy blue Online sock wool so I can knit Pete a replacement pair of dog-walking socks.

Large bowl of Chicken Liver Pate with the clarified butter on top still waiting to set (artistic swirl done by Pete). Ready for Christmas. Diet? What diet?

Amorphous mess. Still looks a bit messy, still not sure all the holes are in the right places - just could not seem to follow the pattern right. Anyway I'm hoping it will look better when blocked. Still loving the colours. The manufacturer has given this yarn the rather uninspiring name of "Green / Pink Mixture". I'm tending towards calling it "Blood in the Trees". Is it possible I'm reading too much crime fiction?

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Maxine said...

Not sure whether you mean day off from work or day off from blogging -- if the latter, have a lovely Christmas and look forward to reading you again when you are back.
best wishes