Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Day Off

I've got a day off today - well that's a day off from the part-time retail job anyway. Still have to work in our own business, so that's what I've been doing this morning. Then I went to the supermarket and now I've managed to get some photos taken even though it is still grim and dark here - at three o'clock in the afternoon.

First there is the progress report on the Opal socks -

Going has been slow on these as I'm only really knitting them in my breaks at work, though I did a couple of inches last night while watching "Cathy Come Home". Great vintage TV drama with Carol White and Ray Brooks (who I had forgotten was in this).

Also there is the now completed Sideways Gilet which I absolutely love. I wore it to work the other day and got lots of compliments on it (which is nice.)

It's fastened with a hair stick thingy from Claires Accessories which has beads and wire wound round one end. The wool was a jumper bought at a car boot sale and frogged so I've no idea what it is but the colours are wonderful. The gilet itself is a simple garter stitch knitted from edge to edge as a large rectangle with armholes in the relevant places. I'm really pleased with the end result especially as I spent so long trying to make it a cardigan - if had gone wrong again this time I think I'd have given up!

Tomorrow is my reading group Christmas party and quiz which should be fun. I'll try and remember to take my camera to record the festivities. I'm very bad at that - I never remember the camera until I'm out somewhere and see something I want to photograph for the blog.


Maxine said...

Well that gilet is pretty impressive, though I am not sure i would dare wear something like that for work - I usually go for the cover everythin up as much as possible with dark things look (good for commuting as well for any in-work eventuality).

The socks, now, I adore those socks. What a labour of love, all those stripes and patterns and colours. Let me know if you ever decide to take orders.

Amazing to get Echo Park in a charity shop so soon to its pub date. Maybe a book club edition? When I was in book clubs I used to take them down to charity shops when I had finished them. Sometimes you can get them very cheap on Amazon too, but you always have to add 2.75 to the price for postage, there.

I am still blown away by those socks.

Jo said...

Love the gilet, looks great, those socks are coming along nicely now too, enjoy the party!