Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Don't Know What You Did....

...but the game was suspended in the sixth innings (there are nine in total, for the uninitiated) due to poor weather.

It seems it will continue tonight.

In the meantime, whatever it was you all did to influence the weather - could you stop now. We've had an inch of snow here and it's not even Halloween yet. Those of you from the St Petersburg Fiber Fanatics can stop smirking or I'll order a cold snap for your barbeque on Sunday.

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christine (threedogknits) said...

Hi Pat, I met you when you were in St. Pete last. This is ThreeDogKnits from Ravelry (Chris). Thought you'd like to know that I had to turn my heat on last night - in St. Pete in October! Seems it is cold everywhere. Hopefully Game 5 will continue tonight. Thanks for supporting the Rays all the way from the UK! It has been crazy, and very exciting, here the last few weeks. PS, to continue to not answer the question you asked awhile ago, I don't know why anyone would vote for McSame, either. :-)