Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here Come the Girls.....

We've had a very busy weekend what with one thing and another. It was the first weekend since we got back from holiday that I've been off on both the Saturday and Sunday so we had a lot to do.

Firstly, yesterday we went to Atherstone, not too far away , in Warwickshire, which purports to be a book town. Nothing on the scale of Hay but allegedly a book town nonetheless. We were rather disappointed. One bookstore was closed, though it was well after 10am when it should have opened (long time readers may know how much this winds me up!). The St Giles Hospice bookshop was very small and nowhere near as good as our local one in Mere Green. The trip wasn't a total wash out however as Throckmorton's Books, much to my surprise had a little run of James Sallis books. I can't believe I spent all that time rummaging in every used bookstore in Florida (well, nearly), and I could have got the very ones I was looking for just a few miles from home. Anyway they had one I hadn't managed to get yet, Death Will Have Your Eyes. It's a stand-alone thriller about spies, so it may not be my cup of tea, but we shall see.

We moved on to Nuneaton, not a place I'd ever been before and I got some lovely vintage pattern cutting books in a charity shop - and there's a Starbucks in Nuneaton so as you can imagine we had a cup of coffee.

Then we were ready for the main business of the day. Pete had won some graphic novels on eBay and the main purpose of our trip to North Warwickshire was to meet the seller at Corley services to pick up said books. What a fantastic collection it was - even better than we hoped - an almost full run of the Marvel Essentials books (114 of them) and a full run of Ultimate books - all in pristine condition too. Pete's already cleared a bookshelf for them (no mean feat in this house!)

How's that for a collection - and there are more!

We also called into Lichfield on the way back where the remainder bookshop had just had a fresh delivery of craft and comic related books. I got a couple of quilting books and a copy of Yarnplay. Pete got a fantastic Spiderman book, a Marvel Vault and a copy of the Steel Claw, plus a Superman graphic novel. It was obviously our lucky day.

Today to top it all off we finally got our chickens. We all went over to Merrydale Poultry near Leicester, we were served by Karen who was very helpful. They had some great birds to choose from and all the stuff we needed to get started. I can heartily recommend them. This is what we got -

The back two are a Blue (on the left) and a Copper Black, the front one is a Cuckoo, the white one with the grey feathers at her neck is a Sussex and the one on the right is a Sweetie. The Sweetie is the only one to have a name so far. She was chosen by the Evilpixie and is named, with great originality "Sweetie". Names for the others will follow as they settle in and display their personailities. We are really chuffed.

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Roobeedoo said...

Oh well done! I STILL haven't plucked (!) up the courage to get some chickens, despite it being my resolution... um... 4 years ago! And so much bookishness too!