Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Go Rays!!!

I've been a fan of baseball for quite a while - since we first started to go to Florida on holiday - so I guess that's about 10 years, about the time that the Tampa Bay Rays came into existence. (They used to be called the Devil Rays but some people thought kids could get corrupted by that!)

Anyway for pretty much all of their time in Major League Baseball the Rays have languished at the bottom of their league. This year however they have been on an incredible run. The only time they lost while we were in Florida was the day we went to see them play the Red Sox, when they got trounced. They went on to win their league and this week they won the Divisional Series, meaning they now play in the Championship Series - and who are they playing but the Boston Red Sox. We can so take them! Just one series (best of seven games) away from the World Series!

Go Rays!!!!!!!!!!

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Natalie Rush said...

GO RAYS!! Now that the Cubbies are out..it's ways all the way!!!

Hope you are well!