Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Books Update

I haven't just been knitting and spinning and playing with fibre.

I have been reading as well. I finished Dark Fire by C J Sansom, which is a really good book. I was a little bit unsure about Matthew Shardlake when I first met him in Dissolution but I have really warmed to him in this book. Perhaps it's because he's on his home turf here. I also liked his new sidekick, Jack Barak, foisted on him by Thomas Cromwell who is not a man to argue with. I can't wait now to read the next 2 books in the series and get caught up.

Anyway after my sojourn in Tudor England I needed a fix of something more modern so I went for contemporary Glasgow and read The Twilight Time by Karen Campbell. This is her first novel, just published in hardback. I liked it, though there were times when I found the main character Anna Cameron a tad irritating. I'm hoping that the author meant me to feel this way, and if she did then that's fine and I shall certainly read more. A full review of this will wend it's way to Eurocrime when I've had time to write it.

Moving on then to a book I've been looking forward to - Flesh House by Stuart MacBride. I thought Broken Skin, the previous book in the series was the weakest so far, though still enjoyable. Hopefully this one is right back on form. I'll let you know when I get a bit further with it.

Just time for a few rows on Icarus before I head off to work. Enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend if you're having one.

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