Sunday, May 18, 2008

Update on Bubba 2

He's home!

He's not a very happy dog, but he's back home now. Today he is able to put a little weight on the leg and the wound / stitches looks clean and not at all sore. They've shaved the whole of his leg from ankle to hip though so he looks like a turkey....

The dangly thing is just a bit of tape which is slowly coming off which is fine. He's been moping around the house whimpering at anyone who will listen. Tomorrow we start the long slow process of recuperation. The advice has changed a bit in the last 5 years since the last time we did this. Then he had no walks for some weeks - this time he is to have 3-4 short 5-10 minute walks a day to keep the joint mobile and stop the muscles from wasting. He is also to have massage and physiotherapy (administered by us!) 3-4 times aday. That should be fun.

In between dog-sitting and work I managed to get to West Brom library last night where John Connolly was talking (and talking), allegedly about his new book The Reapers, though he covered a wide range of subjects from dating advice to mosquitoes. Anyway it was an interesting evening - John is always good value. Here he is in mid flow....

I promise a book update tomorrow as I've been a bit remiss on the book blogging front recently. I'm a bit behind on the reviews too. Sorry, Karen! I'll try and get them written tomorrow and email them over to you.

Many thanks for all your emails and comments wishing Bubba well. He seems (fingers crossed) to be OK and hopefully the convalescence will progress smoothly. We just need to stop him from chasing the pigeons in the garden!

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Karen (Euro Crime) said...

No problem. Glad to hear Bubba's progressing well and thanks for the photo of John C with beard :-).