Sunday, May 25, 2008

Look What I've Got.....

Yes, I've got myself a loom. It's a Dryad Four Shaft table loom with an 18" bed. It does want a little TLC but as it cost me absolutely nothing that's OK. It just needs a couple of new springs on the bottom of the first shaft, and a few new heddles as it has some made from string which I shall replace with Texsolve ones. Other than that it just needed a little clean. I am chuffed to bits. I'm not sure when I'll have the time to get it warped up and get weaving on it. I really should finish the piece that is currently languishing on my borrowed loom before I start anything new, right? Besides, now that I have my own loom I need to return the borrowed one to my spinning/weaving circle.

Bubba seems to be progressing well, although he will persist in trying to stand on his bad leg to lift the good leg when he's out for a wee. Stupid dog. We've been taking him on left-handed (or should that be left-legged) walks to try and stop him doing this but he still tries. Today he fell over in the attempt. The leg is a little warm today, much warmer than the good leg. We are hoping this is not a bad sign. Back to the (local) vet anyway on Tuesday to have his stitches removed, so they will have a good look at him then.

We are suffering today from a dose of English Bank Holiday weather - very wet and windy. Tomorrow promises more of the same, though I'm working so it doesn't really matter much to me. A good day then to settle on the sofa and read and knit, and that's precisely what I'm intending for the rest of the day.

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