Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Already!!

Where has the week gone?

It's been a busy week here at Austin Towers. The Evilpixie had her very first driving lesson. She was very nervous, bless her, but she managed alright and didn't crash the car or anything. You should note that neither Pete nor I am teaching her to drive. That would be way too much to cope with. She's got another lesson tomorrow so hopefully she won't be as nervous this time.

I've been dyeing again. I got a fresh batch of colours from D&T Crafts and dyed some commercially spun yarn for a change. So here are the results -

This is double knitting, about 50g, and there there is some 4ply -

and -

None of these coloursways have names yet, so suggestions are welcome. There's about 50g of each of the 4ply, which should be just about enough for a couple of pairs of short ankle socks.

Today I've been faffing about trying (without much success) to make a belt, first a knitted one, then I tried in macrame. This is in aid of a medieval costume I have to come up with for Saturday when my spinning group will be demonstrating at the Lichfield Medieval Market. I shall have to get hold of some linen fabric this week and make a bodice thing, and find a leather belt. I promise pictures!

I've been cracking on with the Luna Moth shawl and am on the final rows of the last repeat so it should be finished this week (it the sewing doesn't take up too much time).

I've also been reading a bit. I finished The Riddle of the Sands which I enjoyed but I think it has dated rather. Still it was a fascinating read though. The narrator's voice was most interesting and kept me enthralled. I also finished The Harper's Quine by Pat McIntosh, set in Medieval Glasgow (which has really got me in the mood for the market next week). This was really good. I'm not one for historical crime as a rule but I thought this was great and shall now track down the rest of the series (this was the first one).

So, I'm all up to date with books for reading group now and shall be starting the latest Denise Mina this evening. Also set in Glasgow of course - is there a theme developing here? It's been on the shelf for a while now and I gather the next one is due shortly so I'd better get cracking.

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