Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Between Projects

I find myself between knitting projects. This is a situation that always makes me a bit twitchy. The twitchiness in this case seems to be magnified by the fact of being between projects in life at the moment also.

I am fighting the twitchiness by drinking too much coffee and eating too many jaffa cakes. Neither of these things help in the slightest. (I'm sure that's no surprise to anyone).

I seem completely unable to concentrate on any one thing for more than about twenty minutes, which makes reading books very difficult. I've started three in the last 2 days. At the same time I am desperately hunting though knitting pattern books and magazines for something that I want to knit (but it has to be something I can knit from the stash) and nothing is quite right. Tomorrow I am going to have to delve deep into the boxes that contain the stash and hope something (other than a large spider) leaps out at me.

In the meantime I have spent the afternoon reading Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot, accompanied by a large hairy dog on my lap. Bubba is very frightened of thunder. Storms can only be endured by sitting as close to me as doggily possible while holding a stuffed lion in his mouth. You won't tell anyone will you? He doesn't want anyone to think he's a wuss.

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