Thursday, July 26, 2007

Red Books

I give you a random selection of red books from my shelf -

The one on the top is Emperor: The Field of Swords by Conn Iggulden. I picked it off the shelf to photograph a couple of days ago and started to read it as I'd just finished the previous one. I am therefore no further along with Karin Fossum. Atlantic Canada is from a brief period when we flirted with going to live there, before we concluded that we'd rather live somewhere warmer (though I'd still like to spend a bit of time there). Ray Bradbury - because I love his short stories. Sue Grafton - because she missed out on being in the black books last week. This one is D for Deadbeat. Michael Connelly - needs no explanation! The Picador Book of Crime Writing. The Best American Mystery Stories Vol 2 (from 2003) - I like these because I can get a taste of some new authors. And finally 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die - I haven't read nearly enough of the books listed here, though there are some that I have no wish to read, and there is nowhere near enough crime fiction!

In answer to your question Karen, the Fossum we should be reading is He Who Fears the Wolf. I've read about 60 pages and am struggling to make myself read any more. The theme for the month is "On the Couch - Crime and the Mind". I have no idea what the other selections were though I think there was a Frank Tallis. It must have been a selection that didn't appeal to me much if I ended up with the Karen Fossum!

I have run out of yarn for the Ribwarmer - I kind of thought I was going to, after I weighed the first half and the yarn I had left, but I was hoping for miracles. It will have to wait until after the weekend now as I'm working Friday and Saturday and to get more wool I need to get into Birmingham to Rackhams.

I started a triangular shawl with some black recycled sari silk I bought from Hipknits a couple of weeks ago - well, it was in the sale! However the shawl is not looking right so it might turn into something different - it's difficult to get any stitch definition with the hairyness of the sari silk. Needs a bit of a rethink.

And I have been spinning - some of the unidentified British Wool that I dyed last month in very subtle shades of purple and blue. I'm going to ply it with some vintage art silk/cotton that I found in the stash. Photos after the weekend if the deluge has abated and the light is a little better.

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