Friday, June 08, 2007

Austin's First Law of Felting

Why is it that if you accidentally sling a woollen (or even a part-woollen) jumper (preferably your favourite, or worse - someone else's favourite) into the washing machine at 40 degrees it will felt itself into the smallest, tightest lump of felt imaginable; and yet, when you lovingly knit a pure wool pink fluffy trimmed bag for your daughter's birthday, and go to felt it - it will not felt under any circumstances. I washed that sucker to within an inch of its life, boiled it on a 90 degree wash (yes, alright, I know that's a contradiction), mashed it for ages in boiling hot water and would the damn thing felt. Would it heck.

Lesson learned - before you lovingly knit a pink fluffy bag in pure wool, do a swatch first and see if it will felt before carrying on to knit the whole bag. Oh yes, and try to do the felting bit before the eve of said daughter's birthday, so that if the felting gods are cross, then you have time to knit something else.

Does anyone think I'm be remembering these things next time I want to knit something for felting? No, me neither. What can I say I'm a knitter who likes to live on the edge.

Happy birthday (for yesterday) to the Evilpixie, born on that date seventeen years ago. Something is obviously wrong with the space/time continuum as last time I looked she was just 10. And I swear I am not old enough to have a seventeen year old daughter.

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