Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Fibre Fest

A little bit of yarn pron as it's Friday......

This is a sample of space-dyed tussah silk from Wingham, corespun and then plied with an unidentified commercial spun brown yarn from the stash. There's not a lot of it, only about 60 yds, but then it was only a sample bag to start with. I can't remember the colourway, but it may have been Orange Grove.

I did a bit of dyeing yesterday and this is some Merino / Silk mix, again not a lot of this - about 65g but it was an experiment which I shall try and spin up later today so see how it looks. I'm planning to make this (the adult one) -

and as it would take me forever to spin all the yarn for it I thought I'd knit the main body of the cardigan in commercial yarn and handspin the edging yarn. It's one of Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's designs from the Noro 2 book. I'm planning for the body to be dark blue (probably with a tweedy effect) and the edging to be a mix of pinks and blues and purples. Looking at the experimental roving I think the colours may be a little too light but it may look different when spun.

Also dyed yesterday were these -

Matching (ish) 50g skeins of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino 4ply. I can't believe they've discontinued this. It's one of my favourite commercial yarns for dyeing. I have a little bit left in the stash though. These are destined to be socks one day, though probably not in the near future.

In other news .... I am officially an idiot. Somehow I have managed to lose 800g of Merino fibre. I went to get it yesterday when I'd mixed up all my colours for dyeing, only to discover that it wasn't where I thought it was. It isn't in any of the obvious places where I thought it might have got moved to either. Very odd. It's not as though it's a small bag of fibre - it's a large bag - not easy to overlook. It has to be in the house somewhere, probably hidden behind something, laughing at me getting cross because I can't find it. I think it may have run away with my Color in Spinning book which I also can't find. I swear this summer I am finally going to reclaim the house from the European Book Mountain which has amassed in virtually every room. Does anyone want 10,000 previously owned paperbacks?????

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