Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Wonderful Time at Wonderwool

Maggi and I and Maggi's Mum had a great time at Wonderwool. There were lots of different sheep,

(this lovely one is Wensleydale)

and goats, and alpaca,

(we wanted to bring these guys home with us)

and plenty of retail opportunities.

I bought some Trekking sock wool in a great pink colourway.

This is for socks for the Evilpixie, who stunned my on Friday by saying, "These socks you knitted me are just great. Can I have some more?"

I bought myself some handpainted Slkwood yarn too -

Gotta love that combination of aqua and green and pink and purple. Not sure what I'll do with it yet.

And there were shearing displays -

The one thing I really wanted to get though, and couldn't find was some handpainted roving. Still, not to be beaten I bought some dyestuffs and some plain alpaca roving and plan to have a go myself this week.

Apologies for the lack of book posts recently. I will post about books later in the week I promise. Tomorrow however we are off to Rhyl for a day out by the seaside. Bubba just loves the beach.

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