Saturday, May 05, 2007

Books to Keep Quiet About

There's been a bit of a discussion in the blogosphere this week about whether or not you admit to all the books you read. Do you keep it quiet that you have a secret addiction to Jean Plaidy or Dan Brown or the plethora of misery memoirs, and only list the books that you think you should read?

I have to say that I have been completely honest about all the books I've read since starting this blog. Actually there aren't any on the list that I would be ashamed of reading, but I've read some bizarre things over the years. I've read the Da Vinci Code, mainly because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And I think it's only fair to try to read different stuff - how else would you discover that it's not to your taste. I might not like Sophie Kinsella's books, for example, but there are many who do, who eagerly await the next one. I haven't actually read any of the Shopaholic books, but I might, and if / when I do I shall tell you about it.

I am of the opinion that you learn a lot about writing from reading good books, but you can also learn a lot from reading the odd bad book, or from reading books that are outside your preferred genre. Most of what I read is crime fiction, but I also like historical fiction, classics, the odd bit of literary fiction, some fantasy and a bit of SF. Generally I don't like to read romantic fiction, chick lit, misery, horror or sport/celebrity biographies. That said, I come across books in all of these genres (except possibly celebrity bios) that appeal to me occasionally, and I try not to let pink covers get in the way.

It was one of my resolutions this year to read more varied books (or at any rate a lesser proportion of crime novels) , and I'm not sure that so far I'm really succeeding in that - so many books, so little time. Must try harder.

Anyway you can rest assured that I'll let you know what I'm reading, even especially if it's something I wouldn't normally read, and I'll let you all know what I think of it too!

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