Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Walk in the Park

On Friday, we took Bubba to Sutton Park for a walk. It's one of his favourite walks.

Sutton Park is a great place - absolutely huge - one of the biggest urban parks in Europe, and even when it's the school holidays and the park is really busy it's so big that you can sometimes not meet anyone. It's a wonderful place for dog walking, cycling, riding or just walking among the trees. There are wild ponies -

And lots of rabbits for Bubba to chase. And there are miles and miles of paths to follow -

And then there's the lake, which is the main reason that this is Bubba's favourite -

Here he is doing what a retriever loves best - getting wet and muddy!

We walked round the lake to The Boathouse and had a cup of coffee while Bubba dried off a bit.

All in all a very good afternoon.

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