Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Standing at the Crossroads

I find myself at one of life's crossroads, with big decisions to be made, and some already made, about where I go from here.

I've spent the last six years, happily working from home, selling books on the internet. We've built the business up together and it's been hard work but a lot of fun along the way.

Yesterday, we finally admitted that it wasn't working anymore and that the new changes to eBay mean the business is no longer viable. So, over the next few months we shall run the business down and sell off the stock.

I shall still have to find some gainful employment however. I've asked about extra hours at my part-time retail job, but I shan't know about that for a couple of weeks. So in the meantime I find myself in the strange situation of having to re-evaluate my skills and look around to see what else I can do.

I'm quite looking forward to some new challenges. It will be strange though to go back out into the world full-time after so long spent working on my own, being my own boss. Interesting times ahead. Anyone got any vacancies involving books or knitting?

In the words of President Bartlett..."What's Next?"

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Anonymous said...

I posted a few weeks ago about an article in the Bookseller on people who make a living out of selling on Amazon. I presume you have tried that?
Crossroads, or turning points, are scary but exhilerating. I sure hope this one turns out to be positive for you. I shall be reading with interest bordering on fascination.