Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oooooh, Knitterly Goodies...

Yesterday was my birthday and I got some lovely knitterly presents (and some non-knitterly ones too).

First of course, my main present was my carders, which I had a couple of weeks ago after our visit to the Threshing Barn.

But, yesterday on my actual birthday I got these too -

That's Two Sweaters for My Father by Perri Klass, a wonderful book of writing about knitting, Domiknitrix which is just stuffed with great, fun patterns, and the first season of The Wire on DVD. Bubba also got me the latest Snow Patrol CD (but it's in the car so there's no picture).

I had a lovely birthday, read a bit, spun a bit, did some knitting, watched England playing cricket (not very well, but at least they won), had a super Chinese meal for dinner. A really good day.

I do have knitting to show you - these are the Cherry Tree Hill Bright socks in Crusoe pattern from This is the sock pattern I had trouble with last month with the lovely sock wool from Jill in Canada. This yarn is much better for the pattern, at least so far with no major pooling.

They are knitting up very quickly too, although I am a little concerned that they might not be wide enough. I shall have to see when I get to the instep.

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