Sunday, November 19, 2006

We have progress!!

I've been practising my spinning over the last few days, since the Spinning Wheel Maintenance Kit from Twist Fibre Craft Studio arrived in the post. So I got the spare con-rod strap I needed to fix the wheel. And I've been trying in the odd spare moment over the last few days and today I have finally made some progress. Today for the first time I managed to keep the wheel spinning and feed the fibre through at the same time, for more than a couple seconds at a time.

Now I'm not saying that the resulting yarn is pretty or even or anything you might want to knit with. But it does bear a passing resemblance to yarn so I am pretty pleased. While it is by no means perfect it is getting better and I am finding it easier all the time to get my hands and feet to do what they are supposed to do.

I got to the S&B meeting in Birmingham on Saturday, which I expected to be the last time before Christmas, but I find I'm off next Saturday too so I shall try and go then as well. I had a lovely morning in Birmingham, with a trip to market to buy fish for dinner, then over to the Pallasades where there is a new bookshop which sells what looks like publishers / distributors returns. Anyway they had some good stuff at reasonable prices so I bought one or two. All in all what with the knitting and the books and the fish pie for dinner it was a pretty good day.

And today I realised that I'm not actually working on Monday as I thought. I don't start work again until Tuesday. An extra day off that I wasn't expecting - how good is that!


Maxine said...

I hope you enjoyed your extra day off. What a wonderful surprise!

I felt a bit like that when I got back from my annual holiday this year and realised I'd been away over the August bank holiday, so was entitled to take one more day than I thought over the rest of the year.

Euro Crime said...

I had a wander around the new book shop yesterday. It was doing quite well. I only bought one, and it wasn't for me - such restraint!!