Friday, November 17, 2006

Some WIP and some other stuff

I've got a day off!!!! WoooHooooo. Actually I have 3 days off in a row and am not not in work again until Monday. So I may actually have time to read, knit, do the washing, iron some clothes and all that other stuff that needs doing. And I shall get to the Birmingham S&B tomorrow too.

I have some work in progress though.

The green stuff on the DPN's is another pair of Fetching from Knitty. These are for me.

The other stuff is the front (again) of the wrapover cardigan, (no pattern, flying my the seat of my pants), which has been on the needles for way too long, but is suddenly needed urgently as the weather has taken a cold turn here. I'm still not sure it's right, so it may yet be frogged again for another attempt. The yarn is something completely unidentified, frogged from a jumper bought at a car boot sale (that's a flea market, if you're in the States). I don't know what it is but I love it - it's got streaks of purple and brown and cream and every so often it has a little bit of turquoise as well, and it's very soft and has slubby bits in it too. I just wish I could get the front to look how I want it. Anyway here's a close-up so you can see the pretty colours...

I am reading Sharpe's Fury by Bernard Cornwell. I'm reading it very slowly as I only seem to be able to manage about two and a half pages before I fall asleep (usually with the book still in my hand). I have only been reading it in bed, not on the bus or at work, so that's not as bad as it may have sounded. I should point out that this is not a reflection on the quality of Bernard Cornwell's plotting which is as usual admirable.

Have you been watching the new BBC series of Robin Hood. It's quite enjoyable in a Saturday tea-time, light and fluffy sort of way. Good clean escapism where no-one ever gets killed. However I got a bit distracted on Saturday by Marion. She was wearing what looked to me like a machine knitted sweater. I will have to admit to having completely lost track of the (somewhat flimsy) plot, while I tried to get a better look at what she was wearing. Now, I'm not a history expert, in fact almost all of the English history I know comes courtesy of the afore-mentioned Mr Cornwell, but I'm fairly sure they didn't wear machine knitted garments in the Middle Ages, did they?

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Anonymous said...

Now, this is so weird. With unerring accuracy, you have hit upon two current obsessions in our house, both of which pass me by totally!
Malcolm is a fan of Sharpe and has read the complete works -- and is trying to quarry the time to watch all the DVDs (birthday present from me in desperation last year). So, I look forward to finding out whether to buy this "postscript" book for him for Christmas or whether to call Sharpe a day.

And Robin Hood -- my girls, particularly the elder, are completely hooked. From what little bits I catch while blogging or bringing him their tea, etc, it sounds just so 2006 politically correct to be hilarious enough to sit down and watch! Something about it really appeals to Cathy-- not sure what and not sure that she is fully aware of why either. But magnetic, that's for sure!