Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm not going to make it.

I'm only on page 125 of Master of Souls and there are 176 to go. (link given to Waterstones for convenience but you should support your local independent bookstore if you can). So far it has taken me three weeks to read the first 125 pages - how much chance is there of me finishing it by Wednesday?

I'm finding it really difficult to read. Everytime I start to read it in bed I fall asleep. I just want to plot to move a bit quicker. There's an awful lot of explanation and loads of Irish words. I keep having to look them up in the pronunciation guide at the back. Actually that doesn't really help as Irish spelling doesn't seem to bear any relation to how it's pronounced and it just confuses me more. Sorry if this offends the Irish, but couldn't you use phonetic spelling or something. All these words with odd combinations of consonants are doing my head in.

But I hate abandonning a book half way through, especially when it's for reading group. I feel I have to at least try and finish. So the question is this - is struggling through 125 pages enough of a test to discover that I don't like this book (I suspect there are others out there who will love it for all the reasons that I don't - gentle pace, historical detail, Irish language and culture) when I just want to hurl it across the room and go read the new John Connolly?

The Juno cardigan continues slowly, but I've done the button bands and there are by my reckoning (always a bit suspect) only 1.5 pattern repeats to go on the collar. I'd show you a photo but there's not that much difference from the last one, just the collar strip is a bit longer.

I'll hopefully finish the knitting tonight and can block it on Saturday and finish the sewing up on Sunday. More photos of the FO then.

Have a great weekend!

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