Thursday, September 28, 2006

How I became a knitter!

Progress has been sloooow on both the Juno cardigan and the Peter Tremayne book so I thought I'd tell you how I got back into knitting.

As I said before, I'm a second-hand book dealer so I go to a lot of general auctions to buy stock. At this one auction there were all these boxes of wool. Sealed packs of pure new wool, mostly Falcon and some Patons. Always looking for things to make a bit of money on, I thought "hey, wool is expensive, I bet I can sell those." So I bought 4 large boxes.

Well the wool sat around in the house for a little while and then I started to list it on eBay. And we sold almost all of it - just a few odd balls left over. I duly posted it all off to the buyers - but it was too late - the sight of all that wool stacked up around the office had worked its woolly magic on me. I started getting the itch to knit something. I hadn't knitted since my daughter, hereby known as the Evilpixie, was a small baby.

I was a working mother, running my own business, with hobbies (reading and writing) that I already didn't have enough time for. I wasn't looking for another hobby! But there was no escape. I wanted to knit something, I wanted really badly to knit something. And I didn't have anything - no needles, no pattern, nothing.

Off I trotted to the local charity shop where I bought a little selection of needles and I knitted a woolly hat. Then I started to look on the web for patterns and found the whole web community that surrounds knitting now - all the pattern sites, and the blogs and the stitch and bitch groups. I was completely blown away. I went in search of wool shops for more wool (because I'd sold all that great pure wool - what was I thinking!) and I discovered all the absolutely fantastic yarns that are available now. I was hooked.

A year ago I was quite happy, I didn't even know there was anything missing from my life. And now...I'm an addict. Are there any self-help programmes out there for obsessive knitters?????????

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