Sunday, June 17, 2012

Four More Years

The last time we were in Florida was in the September running up to the 2008 election.  I can't really believe it's been that long. I guess Barack Obama probably feels the same. These four years haven't really gone to plan for him, have they?

Last time we were here I did my totally unscientific lawn sign survey and guess what?  It was right, so I'm doing the same again this year.  Bear in mind here though that it's still only June, the parties haven't officially picked their candidates yet, so this is even more unscientific than usual.

So, how's it going for Mr Obama?  Not well, is the result of my lawn sign poll. Mind you the economy hasn't helped him at all, and he hasn't had a lot of inter-party co-operation so it's not all his fault.  And he did have the weight of a whole lot of unrealistic expectation round his neck.  But seriously, Florida, you need to step up, here and give the man some support. I have not seen one lawn flag, not one bumper sticker in support of the incumbent candidate.

And his probable opponent, Mr Mitt Romney?  Well, there seems to be a bit of support for him.  I'm sure he's pleased about that as the Republican Party National Convention will be in Tampa next month. And what do we know about Mitt?  He's a Mormon, and he's made a whole heap of money from an investment company called Bain Capital.  Now I don't really care about his religious beliefs, he can believe what he likes so long as he doesn't try and make me believe it too.  However Bain Capital have a history of buying businesses, making all kinds of promises about job security and pensions etc and then stripping the assets of those companies and leaving them to go bust.  Does that sound like the sort of man you want running America?

Any way, we should be OK because my totally unscientific,but never before wrong, lawn flag survey tells me that the next President of the United States will be ......

Ron Paul.

Really?  Ron Paul??

You better get out there and prove me wrong! 

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