Thursday, January 08, 2009

Things I've Learned This Week

While marooned in the house this week by weather and the need to recuperate from the minor op I had on Monday I have learned a few things.

1. Chickens don't like snow.........

2. Chickens have no idea of portion control........

All our chicks are roughly the same size and age, though they are different breeds / hybrids. One seems to be under the impression that it's crossed with an ostrich.

3. The internet is an instrument of Satan and I have no will power. I bought a new sewing machine. Honestly, I was just looking, just thinking about maybe, possibly, at some time in the future, replacing the sturdy old workhorse I have been using for the last twenty five years, (which has a cracked case and only does basic stitches.) And my finger must have slipped because a brand new shiny machine arrived this morning - and it can do things I didn't even know sewing machines could do! Can't post about it now - too busy playing with it.

PS the scattered bodies in the chicken photo are not roadkill or even henkill but Bubba's abandoned toys.

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a striver for sanity said...

Good observations. Hope you got thawed out by now. How does Bubba get along with the chickens?