Monday, November 03, 2008

Over To You......

A message for America.

So, here we are at last on the final day of the campaign. Many of you will have voted already, many will be voting tomorrow. I hope you all take advantage of the opportunity. Democracy is not a thing to be taken for granted or to be treated lightly. Make sure you exercise your right to vote and remember as you do so all those people in years gone by who were denied this chance, and all those in other parts of the world who are denied it still.

It's all down to you now. The eyes of the world are watching you. We're trusting you to make the right decision for all of us.

Go vote.

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Leigh Russell said...

Very true, Pat. We're only free once every four years (I'm blogging from UK)

I see you share my interest in crime fiction. You're welcome to drop by my blog, Crime Fiction (not very imaginative title, but informative)

I think that's where our similarity ends. The less said about my knitting the better. Suffice it to say, my family begged me to stop. I'd even progressed from scarves (long and kind of stretched) to hats (admittedly not head shaped).