Tuesday, March 11, 2008

No Buttons

The buttons for Williamsro still haven't arrived so it's still not finished.

I have finally finished the stripy socks though -

I love the way they turned out - not at all how I was expecting when I bought them.

I have of course immediately cast on another pair of socks, but they are just a few inches of rib at the moment so photos later when there's actually something to show.

I've been flirting with a lacy shawl, trying various patterns and various gauges, but nothing is quite right yet. I won some lovely green and lilac laceweight mohair on eBay this weekend and I'm hoping that will work better than the shades of blue wool laceweight I was trying out.

In the meantime I have this to play with -

A lovely Dryad 4-shaft loom, just about 18" wide. It's borrowed from my spinning group and I'm about to go and try to warp it up for the first time. I'm guessing that won't be as easy as the book makes it seem.

I read In the Woods by Tana French over the weekend. When I went to the shelf to see what I wanted to read next I was torn between this one and The Woods by Harlan Coben. Apart from the obviously similar titles they are both about children who went missing many years before and both main characters are from a law enforcement background - one's a policemen and one's a prosecutor. I thought it would be interesting to compare the two, so I've read In the Woods and am now reading The Woods. I'll let you know what I think when I'm finished.

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Anonymous said...

I have read both of these so I look forward to reading what you think. (I enjoyed both a lot.)
I am so mad keen on those socks!