Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sundays are for Spinning

This is my second attempt at posting - when I tried to upload my last post Blogger said I had a HTML error and lost the post somehow. AAAARGH!

Anyway, to repeat what I said earlier -

Today I have been spinning.

This is the fruit flavoured coloured Corriedale I bought from Forest Fibres a couple of weeks ago. I've been working through it slowly and finally managed to get 2 bobbins full today. I've plied them together and am very pleased with the result although the pic shows a bit more of the blue than there is in real life. Some of the plying could be better too but I am improving slowly (I think).

Today is Mothering Sunday so Happy Mothers Day to all you Mums out there. The Evilpixie bought me this book which reprints the "Mother Tells You How" sections from Girl comic 1952-1960. Lots of useful info on how to make a bed, how to use old cheese etc plus some knitting patterns including a Sports Woolly and a College Scarf. Great stuff!

I got to SnB yesterday although I didn't actually knit anything when I was there. I swatched for a cardigan I'm thinking about, then decided I didn't have the right size needles with me. Then I cast on some of the turquoise handspun for a hat. But after a couple of rows it didn't feel like a hat. So on the way home on the train I frogged it and cast on for a short scarf. I'm being a bit of a butterfly knittingwise at the moment - flitting from one potential project to another unable to settle on what to do next.

Pete is much much better. he is able to walk, drive and cook now, although he still can't walk Bubba in case the naughty dog pulls on the lead on the way to the field. It will be a few more weeks before he can lift anything or bend properly, but thankfully life is slowly returning to what passes for normality round here. He's cooking me a lovely roast chicken dinner for Mother Day and the smell is wafting upstairs into the office and making me very hungry. I think I need to go and see if he needs any help with anything......


Anonymous said...

The combination of skill and patience never ceases to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Had me all freaked out there when you mentioned Mother's Day. Then I remembered that here, its in May...