Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hand-spun socks

I have an FO. I have finished some handspun socks that I started yesterday. They were incredibly quick to knit - I cast on while on the train into Birmingham to go to Stitch 'n' Bitch, and I finished them when I got home from work this afternoon. Just what I needed - Pete's new dog walking socks are taking forever - largish feet and fine sock wool are a bad combination, so a quick knit that I could finish in a weekend was called for.

I spun the yarn for these myself - they are the first things I've knitted with my handspun yarn and I just love them. They are 80% black merino and 20% white nylon which gives them a lovely charcoal grey mottled colour. Nice and thick and very warm for the toes!

You can see the colour quite well in this picture -

Now it's back to the slog of the Knit Cafe Hoody - I'm halfway up the sleeves - doing them both together to avoid second sleeve syndrome. (Hope you are impressed that I am planning ahead to dodge this!).

I still have to block Pete's cardigan and put the zip in but I'm waiting for some slightly better (ie less damp) weather to do this otherwise it will take forever to dry. It needs washing before wearing as the wool still has some oil in it from the factory, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and wash and block it at the same time. This may or may not been a great idea as it's a huge beast of a thing and will weigh about 10 tons when wet. I think I'll have to wash it in the bath!

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