Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random Thursday Stuff

Ok, so it seems I'm not too good at the whole regular blogging thing. I'm just not sure where the days go to. They just slide by in the endless rota of work, reading, dog-walking, knitting and a bit of housework (but not too much housework!)

So, what have I been reading since the last post? Well, I finished A Vengeful Longing by R N Morris, a review of which will be on its way to Eurocrime this week, hopefully.

And I started (and finished) the first book in the Medicus series by R S Downie - Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls. I liked this even more than the second one (which I read first). This is not to say that the first one was better than the second, but I think I should have read them in the right order. I do try not to read books out of sequence, but I had a proof of the second book for review. I liked it a lot so I wanted to go back and read where it all started.

Now I'm reading the second of the books that Fabers sent me for review a couple of weeks ago. This one is also set in St Petersburg, but this one is a modern day thriller. I'm thinking that Porfiry Petrovich would be a tad horrified at the levels and kinds of crime occurring in his city in the present day. It's a far cry from the gentle (though still murder-filled) world of 19th century St Petersburg.

I've also been reading Tommy by Richard Holmes, which is an account of the First World War with a particular emphasis on the ordinary soldier. It's fascinating and is throwing up all kinds of questions and sidetracks for me to explore. Don't you just love research!

The Williamsro cardigan is growing quickly. So quickly in fact that I had to spend the afternoon yesterday spinning and plying the merino for the edging as I think I will probably be finished the main body of the cardigan by the weekend. I'm not sure if I have quite enough of the merino though, so it may have to be mixed with something else as I knit it - the odd random stripe of purple or turquoise should solve the problem. I should know when I've spun the last third of the roving and measured it whether or not that will be necessary. The cardigan is certainly a quick knit, as you would expect from aran-weight wool used double and knitted on 9mm needles.

Apologies for the lack of links in this post, but our broadband connection is acting up again so it was either wait another day until in was working and I could get access to a website where I could link to, or just to post without the links. It's quite possible that I won't be able to publish this either - keep your fingers crossed.

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