Thursday, November 15, 2007

Too Much Crime....

I have been shamefully neglecting the blog. Don't worry though that I have been so entranced with the other blog (you know the writing one) that I have spent all my time hanging out over there having a great time. That would not be true. It has been just as badly neglected as this one.

Truth is I just haven't had much to write about. Life is a bit dull at the moment and I am sadly lacking in blog fodder.

Last week I had a few days when I almost decided to give up reading crime fiction. (It's Ok the feeling passed off after a few days). I had read several rather disappointing crime novels in a row - they ranged from the "just not very inspired, quite run of the mill" through to "downright awful, how did this get published?" I was beginning to despair. I want crime novels with a decent plot. I want crime with credible characters. I want a protagonist that I like (at least some of the time) and can identify with. While I'm at it, can I have a novel where one of the detective/police/whatever team doesn't get targeted by the serial killer. Please. It's the crime novel equivalent of that old horror movie scene where the girl is going to open the door and we're all shouting "No, don't open it." One well-known, and previously well-respected (by me anyway) writer telegraphed her intentions about this so clumsily in her latest book that I thought it must be a McGuffin. I was horrified to discover that it was actually a major plot point.

However, I had some proofs come through for review for Eurocrime so I did read another crime novel. And I have several more still to review so I guess I'm back on the horse. I swear though that the first time the detective/protagonist puts their hand on that doorknob, I'm giving up crime fiction for good and taking up chick lit!!!!

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Jo said...

Nooooo not the chick lit please! Sure we're all just going through November blogging blues!